About Wild Bill's Western Store

Our Story

Wild Bill’s Western Store is a “Must See” retail and tourist destination in Dallas. We have been a part of the Downtown Dallas landscape for over 40 years and stand as a beacon of the city’s rich history with which Western legends are associated.                                                                                                          Wild Bill’s Western Store is a family-owned business and we’re proud of it. There is a special feeling when you shop local and support independent business owners. Our staff have worked together for years, becoming like family themselves and investing their hearts in what they do. It’s a combination of Southern hospitality, atmosphere created by the carefully selected western merchandise, and the loving way the buyers choose only the best quality and most beautiful items to offer to the guests who visit their store. We share the same passion and spirit for which cowboys, cowgirls, and western heroes are known with anyone who comes in their path.

Wild Bill’s Western Store is in the West End Historic District of Downtown Dallas. The moment that you arrive, you will understand and experience our proud Texas Heritage. Displayed above the entrance to the store is a 20-foot longhorn and 10 ft. Silver & Gold Buckle. Beautiful old west artwork covers the awnings on the side of the store. Visitors to Dallas take thousands of pictures each year of our iconic destination.

The moment you walk through our doors you will be greeted with the rich smell of leather. The Friendly Spirit of the West is captured at Wild Bill’s Western Store through an inviting shopping experience with a vast selection of cowboy boots, hats, western apparel, and accessories. You may even see the familiar face of one of the many celebrities who shop at Wild Bill’s while passing through Dallas.

Sit in saddle bar stools at the original bar from the late 1800's when the building was Dallas’s first Drug store. Watch the steam exploding into the air from a set of authentic Texas longhorns while your cowboy hat is being custom shaped & sized just for you.

Wild Bill's Western Store is an ideal venue in Dallas for special events that can accommodate up to 50 people. Give your VIP's and special guests a Texas-sized experience that they will talk about for years! 

Make Time To Visit Wild Bill’s Western Store 

Visit Wild Bill’s Western Store before you leave Dallas! Our western heritage and Texas-friendly spirit are exemplified by our welcoming, knowledgeable staff and in our vast selection of American made western hats, boots, apparel, gifts and accessories. So, drop in and say Howdy, as everyone that comes to visit us are treated like family! 

A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet. So come on in and meet your new friends!